• Product Name: Impact Roller
  • Product ID: 1.2
  • Register Date: 2016-10-17
  • Standard: JIS,CEMA,AS,DIN,
  • Certification: SGS,BV,ISO
  • Material: CSQ235,SS304,Rubber,HDPE,UHMWPE,Nylon,
  • Note:
  • Views : 10276

Impact rollers consist of a base steel roller design, on which are fitted rings, designed to resist and absorb the pressures given by the impact of materials onto the belt.These rollers are positioned in the carrying section of the belt, corresponding to the point of loading where the material falls onto it.
With maximum absorption, conveyor impact roller are used in loading zone and transfer points applications. It Protects the belt to prevent the lumps, weight or shape from the free fall of material is due to the impact roller's a series of resilient rubber discs assembled onto an inner heavy-duty steel tube. 
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